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Dogs have always been a passion of mine, right from when I was a little girl. I’ve had a dog of some breed my whole life. I used to enter every pet parade and dog event I could, and as a teenager I did agility and CKC obedience trails placing firsts and seconds at age 15. I’ve trained and have compete in a lot of dog sports from agility, to rally obedience, disc dog, French ring, and protection sports. 

We live on a horse ranch north of Cochrane where we raise our three beautiful children, horses and Cane Corso. My husband is a reining trainer and we breed, raise train and show. We competitively compete around the country. We live for the animals out here, and we put our blood, sweat and tears into what we do. Our animals are our passion. We work closely with a vet on a regular basis to ensure every animal gets paramount care.

We are striving to help play an integral role as a breeder to help preserve and better the breed. We are always learning and willing to share the knowledge we have. All of our dogs are health tested, registered and we offer life time breeder support.

Raised With
Puppy Culture

With this program we work hard to expose puppies to most things they will encounter in life.

We provide them with plenty of outdoor time, they meet other dogs and a variety of animals. They play with our children as well as strangers.

We strive to give them early neurological stimulation which is proven to develop confident dogs that are easy to train and are very adaptable.

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