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The Cane Corso

Living Long, Healthy Lives

An essential part of a balanced dog is physical soundness and longevity. We want the dogs we produce at Rocky View Corsos to live a long healthy life, pardoned from genetically predisposed conditions. 

Like many breeds the Cane Corso is faced with some specific health concerns, although not exclusive to the Cane Corso. These include orthopedic issues (hip dysplasia, etc.) seizures, heart issues, autoimmune disorders, allergies, cancer, bloat, and eye abnormalities. These health concerns are common in many breeds, and occur in all canine populations, including mixed breeds. 

Health testing is a great foundation to know what one is working with. While it is in no way a guarantee, health issues can still arise even when health testing indicates they will not.

Rocky View Corsos

The Highest Standards

Healthy Lifestyles

At Rocky View Corsos, we work hard to eliminate or become aware of certain conditions through testing, and educating our owners about healthy lifestyles etc.

Many Factors

Though environmental factors such as injury, diet and exertion can play a big role in the development of many issues, they do not account for all of them. 

A Closer Look

We use The Orthopedic Foundation of Animals and PenHipp, to look closer at our dogs’ health,  enabling us to breed to a higher standard.

Our Pack

Health Results

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Health Checks

A look closer at our dogs' health.

What is PennHIP?

PennHIP is a radiographic screening technique to evaluate the laxity in canine hips and determine their risk of developing degenerative joint disease (DJD).

The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals provides DNA testing and free information about genetic diseases in companion animals.

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